Teachers who love teaching,
teach children to love learning.
What We Do
1-on-1 online English tutoring for 5-12 young learners, using well-designed class materials,Help students get improved not only their languages but also the abilities that 21st century students needed.
Our Vision
To be the largest live on-demand one-on-one English speaking learning institution. Create opportunities for both foreign instructors and Chinese students through online education.
The Opportunity
We are looking for teachers who are passionate and energetic in teaching kids , have strong moral values and discipline , and with the willingness to become a committed teacher working for kids English learning.
Reasons to work for KUKUABC
Teach wherever you have a fast Internet connection.
Easy to teach ,Teaching material and lesson plans were provided in teachers member center.
Work in a friendly, cooperative, and harmonious working atmosphere.
Teach with regular students.
Fully supported by Our operation team.
Stable income per month: We will sign fixed time labor contract with teachers.
Teacher Testimonials
Kukuspeak is not only the Kuest English school around, they are also the most professional, kind and fun. The curriculum for the children is top quality, used by native English children throughout the world. Always helpful and friendly I could not ask for a better place to teach.
Working at Kukuspeak has been what I would call a culmination of years of dedication and the desire to bring the best learning available to both young students and adults in their pursuit of higher education and refinement of their English skills. The staff at kukuspeak are attentive and dedicated, the course material is up to date and relevant to nearly any walk of life and the company as a whole values it teachers and students.
So I am new to the team, but my experience so far, has been very positive indeed! Everyone I have met has been so helpful and supportive. I really welcomed the induction and training that I received. The website seems very comprehensive and it's great to know that there is always someone on hand to answer any queries that I have.
Kukuabc is a very convenient and easy-to-use website for both teachers and students. It is also interactive and colorful which sets an exciting environment for the lessons.
I think the staff is very helpful and are prompt in helping teachers when they have questions or concerns.
I really enjoy working with Kuku Speak. The staff are always on hand when you need and they are very friendly. They help to make the online teaching experience run as smoothly as possible. It's also great to be able to choose my own work hours to accompany my needs. It is a great opportunity to work with Kuku Speak and to meet new students with them.
Kukuspeak is a company dedicated to its students and their desire to learn the English language. Kuku provides unprecedented support to students and teachers and strives to maintain its status as the best online resource for learning English. I am proud to be part of Kukuspeak and joyed to help Chinese students realize their learning potential.
Kukuspeak has been the most organized and professional company I've ever worked with. The staff are very helpful and kind and the students are amazing. It's great to be part of such an enthusiastic team who are always striving to succeed and improve.