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Education History
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Employment History (for the past 5 years, current or most recent job first)
Computer Usage    I use my computer
       Daily        Several times a week
       Couple of times a month        Seldom or not at all
Courses you can teach
     Conversational English      Business English
     IELTS      TOFEL
     Interview      Children English
Connection Information    Which type of internet connection do you have ?
  •   High Speed/Cable
  •   DSL
  •   Satellite
  •   Dial Up
  •   None
Teaching Experience
     None      Less Than 6 Months      6 Months To 1 Year
     1-3 Years      3-5 Years      5-10 Years
     Over 10 years    

Our teachers set their own work preferences every week, but please tell us about your general availability. Our teaching blocks are usually between 3 to 6 classes (hours) depending on student capacity needs.

What is your general availability in Beijing Time(GMT+8)? The times listed below are general approximations and NOT actual shifts. Please check all the times you are available to teach. This does not mean you will be scheduled for all 3 teaching blocks in one day or that your shift will last through ALL the hours within a selected block.

(12am -6pm)
(6pm -11pm)

Special Notes:

1. If you are not able to start teaching within the next month, please wait and fill out the application at a later date.

2. We are currently focusing on recruiting teachers with high availability on weekday evenings and weekends.

* How many hours are you looking to work each week?

     less than 10      10-20      20-25
     25-30      30-35      35-40
     40-45      45+  

* Are you able to work three or more weekends per month?

     yes      no

* Are you able to start in the next 2 weeks?

     yes      no
     I am able to start immediately

Additional Comments:

Voice Recording

* As part of your application, we need to have a recorded sample of your voice. Please visit the following link and record the script below. Be sure to select the "Post on the Internet" option and copy/paste the Vocaroo link on the space provided.

Your recording link:

Script Start.
Hello my name is _________. Today's date is ________. This is my voice sample for the Kukuspeak New Teacher Certification Process. Teaching English online is a very exciting experience. To be a successful teacher, one must demonstrate a positive attitude, offer feedback to motivate students, and encourage them to participate. Most important of all, a good teacher is patient and understanding. Last, but not least, classes should be informative as well as fun!
Script End.

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